Knitting for Moldova

Knitted by JC

When I was about 10-years-old my grandmother taught me how to knit. I remember getting quite carried away with it for a while, although all I ever made was a scarf and my knitting faze ended promptly at about the age of 10 and a half.

 Young people, you see, didn’t really do the whole knitting thing. It was more an occupation of those wiser and wrinklier folk – cue the Shreddies advert and that tasty cereal, lovingly knitted by nanas.

Flash forward 11 years and something has definately changed. This article on Noble Knits shows how a younger generation has dusted off their grannies knitting needles and begun to make knitting, dare I say it, kind of cool. Actually, very cool, judging by this picture of a Russell Brand knitted doll.

As Nobel Knits points out, knitting is a way to get a bit creative, relax from the bustle of everyday life and produce something original. And we love a bit of the ‘ol homemade clothing at Broadsheet Boutique!


But here is the really good bit. A friend of mine, the lovely Lianna Cole, has taken up knitting as a charity project. To cut a long story short, over the summer Lianna travelled to Moldova for 3 weeks to work in an orphanage, and when she got back she decided to start knitting items to send over for the winter.

If we were asked to name a country suffering from extreme poverty, I doubt that many of us would say Moldova. However after hearing how orphans are left with soiled clothes all day because orphanages cannot afford nappies and how many don’t make it through the winter because they cannot survive the cold temperatures, Moldova suddenly became tragically real to me.

And this is where the knitting comes in. After hearing of Lianna’s appeal, my mum got to work and has made the fantastic woolly pieces that are dotted around this post. Our house has been filled with the clicking of knitting needles since July, and I’d advise sheep to steer clear if they want to keep their wool. Broadsheet Boutique’s mum has been wonderfully busy and now hats, jumpers and mittens are piled high ready to go out to Moldova. But there’s still a need for more.

Knitted by JC

If anyone wishes to get involved, either to donate existing clothes, or to knit some lovely things for the orphans of Moldova, then contact me via the blog and I’ll put you in touch with Lianna.

Lianna, 21 year old student/knitting goddess, has said herself “knitting to audioslave isn’t a very normal activity” but if a new generation are winding out their wool and supporting a good cause, then normal is so last year.

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