My Mollie Makes and Comic Relief Crafternoon Guinea Pig

Sitting next to me while I type is a tiny felt guinea pig wearing a stag outfit.

Stag as in deer, not as in he’s off to a stag party.

Ron in his stag costume.
Ron in his stag costume.

The guinea pig is Ron, the star of Mollie Makes The Big Comic Relief Crafternoon magazine, which I wrote about here. It’s a special one off version of Mollie Makes’ monthly craft magazine with £5 from every copy going to Comic Relief. (Charitable and crafty, perfect combination!).


I bought the magazine nearly a month ago and have been itching to make something from it ever since. After a few super busy weeks I finally found myself with a gloriously empty Saturday. And I knew it was time to make a guinea pig.

The guinea pigs stood out straight away in the magazine for being a simple, quick-ish project, which was totally and utterly bonkers. I say ‘pigs’ as a plural as the idea is you make Ron’s girlfriend Audrey too, although I thought one guinea pig was plenty to start with.

I went to Hobbycraft for all my supplies except the stuffing which I had left over from all the dogs I made at Christmas.

The first stage of making Ron - cutting out all the pieces before assembly.
The first stage of making Ron – cutting out all the pieces before assembly.

Working with felt is really nice, it’s easy to cut out and simple to sew through, which is probably why it’s so popular in children’s sewing projects. The guinea pig pattern would actually be great to work through with children. There are a few tricky bits they might need help with, like attaching the base, turning the pig through and stitching up, but all in all it’s pretty straight forward.

The finished Guinea Pig!
The finished guinea pig!

It took a bit longer than I anticipated (probably about 2 and a half hours in total but I did stop and start a bit), as there’s a fair amount of hand-sewing. I love a bit of hand-sewing though, there’s something really therapeutic about it!

Naked Ron!
Naked Ron!

Making the costumes is wonderfully silly too, and when you first pop them on Ron it’s actually very funny. They just look so bonkers it’s brilliant. (If I had a real guinea pig I’d totally be tempted to put them on him too).

Dragon Ron
Dragon Ron

Each costume attaches with velcro so you can switch outfits to suit Ron’s whim.

The dragon costume sans Ron
The dragon costume
The stag costume
The stag costume

I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with Ron now he’s made, I imagine he’ll probably sit on the shelf above the telly watching the world go by. While rocking a deer or dragon costume. As you do.


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