Photo of the (sort of) week

They say a picture paints a thousand words so I thought I’d put the theory to the test.

I’ll be sharing my favourite photo from the ones I’ve taken on my phone over the previous seven days – or slightly longer.      

It might not always be the best photo but it will be the one that’s made me go ‘Oo wasn’t that fun?’ or ‘I blooming love this picture!’


Broadsheet Boutique is on something of a hiatus, while I juggle commuter life in London with setting up a new home, but I’m getting itchy feet to get back on here so who knows, there may be some new posts in the near future! In the mean time hop on over to Instagram (@cazcook27) where I’m doing mini commuter book reviews, updates on my 365 day crochet blanket & #Goswatch (who knew baby geese were the best. thing. ever.).