The Daffy Dog Project

After busying myself with making aprons and blankets and PJs as presents I decided my next sewing project was going to be just for fun.

And when Sewing World landed on my doorstep with this lovely Daffy Dog toy on the cover I knew that was it.


I’ve never made a toy before but figured it has got to be a bit easier than a dress with a zip in or a pair of PJ bottoms. As it so happens I figured wrong….but we’ll get to that in a minute.

I raided my sewing trunk for scraps of fabric and got cutting out the pattern. I love this cupcake fabric it’s so girly and cheerful!


It’s nice being able to use up leftover fabric too, and a patchwork dog toy is perfect! After cutting out the pattern pieces I read the instructions for how to start sewing it all together. And I re-read them. And re-read them again. And went ‘arghhh’. And read them some more.

I just don’t get it. I might be being a big thick here, but any sewers out there I’d really appreciate your help. I’ve cut three full dog body pieces as instructed (all with four legs), and then this is the next picture:


It looks as if the dog body is folded in half but slightly off centre, but there’s no marking on the pattern to indicate where. This is the next lot of instructions:


So I think I have to fold the body in half-ish, sew the tail on where I think it should probably go and then sew two of the pieces together. This could be completely wrong but my tiny brain can’t seem to work it out for definite.

I may end up doing a bit of trial and error with this one I think but hopefully there won’t be too much unpicking!

For now I’m off to catch up on The Great British Sewing Bee where they know what they are doing a lot better than me!


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