Week 29: Lemon and Raspberry Flapjacks

To go a bit A-Team on the New Food Club – ‘I love it when a plan comes together’.

It doesn’t often always happen when I’m in the kitchen, (as you’ll know if you read about the cheese ball disaster), but when it does, it’s a pretty darn good feeling.

Last week Olive magazine landed on the doorstep (hoorah!) with a delicious looking picture of sugar dusted, raspberry dotted flapjack on the back.

Knowing we had a busy week and weekend ahead due to reviewing lots of Reading Fringe Festival shows for work (check out our fringey page here if you’re in Reading, it’s well worth going to something) I decided to whip these up during the calm before the storm on Tuesday night.


I can’t find a really similar recipe anywhere online, so you’ll have to track down this month’s Olive for the real deal, but here’s a lemon flapjack recipe anyway if this inspires you to get baking straight away!

When I bake I like to know what I’m expecting to come out the other end. If it’s a flapjack I’m expecting a sweet, chewy, oaty bar, if it’s a sponge cake, something light and fluffy.

These flapjacks totally surprised me, in a good way eventually, but I was staring at the oven with a puzzled expression during most of the cooking.

You make the base first by melting sugar, butter and golden syrup and mixing in the oats and almonds before baking – so far, so flapjack. But then comes the odd bit.
The next stage is to mix eggs, flour, lemon zest and juice and more sugar, and pour over the base before baking again.

After 15 minutes I took it all out the oven to find an almost spongy looking layer on top of the flapjack base. The recipe didn’t mention any of this, and it was hard to tell what it was meant to look like as the flapjack in the recipe picture was covered in the icing sugar. But I’d followed all the instructions to the letter this time (learning from my mistakes!) so figured it must be right.

Cutting the flapjack into squares I lifted one out on to a plate and sat down to try it with a cup of tea. And it was good. (Really good, if I say so myself!)


The topping was almost like a lemon curd in texture and taste and the raspberries added a lovely fruity zing too. The oaty base was chewy and sweet and altogether it was just a really lovely creation.

Basically I made a gourmet flapjack and I will feel victorious until the next time I have a cheese ball disaster!

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