Where have you been?

A photo I took on a blustery tube strike day walking to Waterloo. A bit of computer wizardry has turned it into a painting and I kind of love it like this.

Since 3 January the rhythm of my life has changed pretty dramatically.

A 10 minute commute has become an 80 minute one on a good day, and a 100 minute one on a bad day, and with it my habits and routines have had to twist and bend.

How cool is my train pass holder which my lovely sister bought for me. Officially a commuter.

I talk about train times and delays a bit too much now, and I’m no longer the last person left standing at a crossing in London waiting for the green man because I’m not quite sure what the flow of traffic is.

I eat a bit less, I drink tea a bit more and I do personal correspondence on the train (see I told you I mention trains all the time!).

Love this sign. I saw it outside a little shop near Buckingham Gate and it sang to me

I enjoy a walk in green spaces to clear my head, and I have seen the best and worst of people on public transport (yes, trains). It still makes me smile to see London landmarks arching over the skyline.

The London Eye on a chilly Friday night

Gone are the free hours to blog (as you’ve probably noticed!) and instead time has become really precious again. I eat, I read, I socialise and I crochet.

I’m making a crochet mood blanket where I make one square a day in a colour which matches my mood. So far I’m only 3 days behind, hoorah!

Books have been a saviour on some commuter days, when the thought of getting up in the dark is eased by the knowledge that I’ll get to tuck back into whatever imaginary world I’m wandering around in at the moment. Instagram has become the place I chart my reading adventures, a bit of mini blogging I guess.

Loved this book. Such a multi-layered story.

Weekends have become precious and short and I actually let myself stop and catch up now, rather than rushing around to fill every moment. That said, last weekend I went back into London for a bottomless brunch at Forge&Co with some of my best friends and it was so nice being in town at a weekend and getting to enjoy the non-commuter side of things too.

Poached eggs and prosecco

I love this new way of being. Don’t get me wrong it is tiring (and tiredness has a way of being quiet for so long and then jumping out at you so you sleep in until 10am on a Sunday – woops!), but it feels bigger. I feel different – challenged and invigorated – and I’ve realised a fast pace is definitely my kind of thing. I’m looking forward to seeing the seasons change in London and for the first summer walk around St James’s Park, and I’m excited to keep growing and embracing this new way of life.

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